The most important thing that can make or break your photoshoot is clothing. Here are a few tips to help you look your best on the big day. A perfect outfit can set the mood of your photo, show your personality and it will make your photo special. But sometimes outfits and accessories can become distracting. So here are a few tips for what to wear for a photoshoot.


1. Colors

Solid colors paired with large patterns, textures or stripes will look good. If you prefer a dreamy look, choose pastel colors, off-whites and soft prints. Please avoid wearing fluorescent colored outfit, because these colors will bounce when there is any sunshine, which may interfere with your skin tones. If you want to achieve a dramatic look, choose colors that are bright and bold. Also keep in mind how the color you choose looks on you. I highly suggest choosing a color that compliments you.

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2. Patterns

A few things you need to keep in mind is that bigger isn’t always better, you don’t want to wear a print that will overpower you in a photo. Also try to avoid very small and fine patterns as they get distorted in photos.

3. Accessories

Accessories add a great layered and personal touch to photos but keep it simple and minimal which will work best.Too many will take away the spotlight from your outfit.

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4. Layering

Layering is also a great way to add different color accents. Adding a cardigan, jacket or blazer can be a great addition. It’s also an easy way to get variety in your photos without having to do an entire outfit change.

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5. Logo T-shirts

Avoid wearing T-shirts or clothing with large logos or writing, because it will be too distracting. It will also make photos too casual.

6. Socks and Shoes

If you are wearing pants, please avoid white socks. Black or colored or neutral or no socks at all would look better. If you are wearing shorts, white socks are okay. Close-toed shoes will always look good in photographs. Heels can add elegance to your photographs– just make sure you’re comfortable walking in them. You can even bring an extra pair of flats to get between locations. If you are going to wear open-toed sandals, I would recommend removing bright nail polish from your toes so they don’t stand out.

7. Location

Consider what location you are going to have your photoshoot in order to avoid having your outfit blend in with the background.

Family or Group

Family or group sessions are an important way to document relationships. Everything in the Individuals section above applies to families as well. One of the main things to consider while choosing clothing for family or group sessions is:


Coordinate but don’t match. Current trends have left behind the old style where everyone wears the exact same thing (i.e blue jeans and a white shirt). This means that you may have a few colors in your color scheme and everyone in the group chooses their clothing based on those colors. Mix colors that go well together but are not exactly the same. Also, be sure to make sure everyone in the group wears the same "style" either all wear something casual or semi-formal.

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